Another new Blog

This is the post excerpt.


I’m pretty sure the only way to write is to write without shame.

Which is why I have a new blog, a new email address and will never run our of pseudonyms, never I tell you!

Is anonymous the same as shameless?

It probably doesn’t matter, I didn’t even manage to commit to a myspace page for more than a month so this will probably drift down to join the rest of the sediment at the bottom of the internet in due course. Still, I can at least attempt to archive some stories here for a bit rather than on discarded USB sticks and in hopeful desktop folders entitled “Writing” which just seem like sad places for them to live.

I can credit the impetus for starting this blog to an excellent podcast called “My Dad wrote a porno”. A true celebration of shameless writing.

I can credit the courage for this post to a wonderful bottle of Mud House Pinot Gris and a creeping sense that I ought to get on and make something of myself at some point. I’m pretty sure that the something I want to make is a writer. So lets give it a go.

So come on empty void of internet anonymity, lets get to it!